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Emergency Service Calling (911)

gTalk® Home service provides E911 emergency calling in the United States. When you dial 911 your name, phone number and address will appear before the on-duty emergency dispatcher.

Mobile Apps

You may use gTalk® Home phone service apps on any Android or iPhone device. This allows you to carry your home number while away from your home. So you will never miss any call. details

3-Way Calling (Conference)

gTalk® Home 3-Way Calling feature lets you add a third person to your ongoing phone conversation session. details

Last-Call Return

Last-Call Return, also known as Call Return is a gTalk® Home service feature that allows you to see the last caller's number and/or name (miscall included). It also facilitates to call back the calling party very easily. details

Anonymous Call Block

With Anonymous Call Block, all incoming calls from unknown callers will hear a busy tone. So you may no longer want to receive calls from the caller's phone numbers. details

Web Portal

This feature allows a gTalk® Home Phone Service user to have total control of all optional settings through gTalk® web panel (www.gTalkhome.com). details

Facility to call between home phone and app

Dial your own number to call your home phone from gTalk® Home app. Do the same for reverse.

Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to forward or redirect your incoming phone calls to your cell phone or any other phone while you are away from home. details

Caller ID Display

The name and/or phone number of the person calling can be seen (if your telephone set is Caller ID-ready).

Speed Dial

A speed dial number is a numeric number to which a destination telephone number is pre-set by a caller. This allows the caller to avoid dialing the full destination number. gTalk® Home providing 99 (1-99) speed dial facility. details

Selective Call Blocking

This feature allows you to block incoming calls that you have placed on a list of phone numbers you wish to be blocked. details

Two Phone Line

You can make a call using gTalk® app while your home phone is busy. This facility allows two persons in the family to talk simultaneously.

7 Digit Calling to Same Area Code

This feature allows you to call a phone number with same area code as your gTalk® home phone by dialing 7 digit number i.e. you may omit dialing the area code. For example if your area code is 347 and you want to call (347) 444-7800 then simply dial 444-7800.

Voice Message / Voice Mail

This feature allows a caller to leave a voice message. gTalk® Home has its own customizable voice message service. Voice messages can be replayed over the phone. details

Call Waiting

In case a caller tries to call you while you are already on the phone with another caller gTalk® system will alert you by a special tone so that you may put the first caller on hold and answer the second call. You should see the name and/or phone number of the second caller which is called Call Waiting ID. details

Caller ID Blocking

This feature allows you to block your phone number along with your name i.e. CNAM information associated with your phone number. details

Do Not Disturb (DND)

If you do not want to be disturbed you may use this feature to have all incoming calls picked up by the voice mail feature. Turn this feature on or off whenever you want - it won't affect your outgoing calls. details

Call Details (call logs)

This feature allows you to see or download log of all calls you made or received through your gTalk® Home service. details

Fax Service

This feature allows you to use gTalk Home phone service for sending and receiving FAX. details